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Fisher Industrial Rubber


Fisher Industrial Rubber from Swansea installed the Phase 1 & 2 of the project

The Royal Mint is the world's leading export mint, making coins and medals for an average of 60 countries every year.

Opened by the Queen in 1968 in readiness for the introduction of the decimal coinage, the Royal Mint's headquarters in Llantrisant, South Wales, employs more than 900 people.

Case Study - Royal Mint

Fisher Industrial Rubber has installed a 57-metre Tilon Walkway Safety Barrier System at the Royal Mint manufacturing plant in south Wales to protect employees from forklifts and other hazards.

The Tilon Barrier System which utilises recycled  polymer beams in conjunction with high visibility powder coated mild steel posts was utilised to replace an existing metal barrier that due to continual fork lift impact had come to the end of its service life.Standing at 1125 mm high, the new highly visible yellow and black barrier will segregate pedestrian walk way areas from vehicular traffic minimising the risk of pedestrians straying into work zones containing fork lift activity.

Unlike standard metal barriers, the Tilon Walkway Safety Barrier System is designed to flex if hit by a vehicle, the tough horizontal beams will not break or dent, but will simply flex and return to their original shape ensuring the barrier stays in top condition for many years. The walkway barrier is a modular system offering a completely flexible configuration. It is also easy to erect and dismantle as it uses the same straightforward drill, fix and slot ethos as Tilon’s Partitioning System. This provides the flexibility to move the entire barrier to another area or to remove certain sections to temporarily open up an area.

Product Used - Pedestrian Barrier

Steve Giblin, Royal Mint

What the client says

“Before this walkway system was installed, the old metal barriers required a lot of attention from our maintenance department. The Tilon barrier system has been in for a year now without any need for repair."

High Strength

Quick Installation

Whole Life Cost

Recycled Material

Royal Mint, Llantrisant, Wales, UK

TILON COMPOSITES        TEL: 01495 300 030     SALES@TILON.CO.UK